My husband Roland, I and our daughter Kaja form a typical three member family. If one would ask our neighbours, friends and relatives, they would say, we are everything except typical. Why? Because in their opinion we spend too much time with our dogs. When confronted with such a commentary I usually ask "Is that even possible?”, but tend to get no reply.


How it all started…


We wished to bring a dog into our home for quite a while and so, a few years ago, Rolando and I have began to search actively for a suitable dog breed for us.


There were many breeds, so we set a few criteria, our new family member should meet.


We wanted our dog to fit our lifestyle - to be an active, sport loving, self-confident and intelligent family dog, which we can take everywhere with us. That is why we also decided on a breed of a smaller size.


We came across the Parson Russell Terrier breed and after a while we brought home Ammy. She is of a phlegmatic character, but instantly turns into a little time bomb, ready for action when challenged. 


Soon we realised that Ammy was not going to be our only bitch and so, after a year, we got Kira. We call her "Diki" (dictator), because of her enormous amounts of energy in her tiny body and all the crazy ideas and tricks that make us laugh. Nevertheless, she gets what she wants, otherwise we get to be scolded.


We like our dogs to be socialised and obedient. It is important for us to enable them an active lifestyle. We put a lot of effort into our work and do it with delight, which, I think, are reasons for our success.


We take an immense pleasure in our daily activities like Agility training, learning tricks, walks, despite the dirt and hair on our clothes - this is our life and we really love it.


If this introduction made you curious about the Parson Russell Terrier breed, our dogs and our lifestyle, we kindly invite you to read further.


The next one to join our family was Ais, she was a female from our previous litter. »The hunter« as we sometimes call her, has a very strongly developed hunting instinct that she inherited from her father Obi. However adaptable she may be, she is most in her element when we walk her in the woods and as our friend, a hunter says, a dog that every hunter dreams about.

Mee from Denmark is the youngest of our 4 dogs.


We always knew that when we got our first Parson, that we would not just sit in the couch and snuggle and pet our dog. We knew this was a working breed and that they needed to be busy and since hunting was not something we would pursue, we decided to engage our dog in some form of dog sports and walk her in very active walks and this is how she started with Agility.

Like with popilar breed, people tend to forget that most of them were not bred for cuddling and lazy afternoons at the fireplace. With breeds like Parsons this is far from meeting their needs.