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It's time that also I tell you some of my impressions from this year's AWC 2015 :)


First of all, congratulations to all competitors who took part at the AWC, especially the Slovenian national team Silvia, PolonaMatejKatarinaTina, BlažMaruša and Kris. Although we are so small, we proved that with eight podiums we can be such great winners.


Being second time in the World Championship and stand twice on the winner's podium of small - with two different dogs, is a sign for me that I must be doing something right. Even though agility is just pure fun for me and my girls, far from professionalism which is becoming more evident in recent years.

This year it was a special honour for me to stand with two of my friends Vlad and Samir on the podium! Parsons rule!


Here I can't forget MalaMee, who hid her small size behind big enjoyment to compete and gave 120% of herself to follow me at every step. Being 8th best in the world among 90 teams is definitively a great success for a dog who isn't even 3 years old.

Special congratulations also to Silvia, nothing else to add to "you are simply the best"! and Pavol , "you totally rock the large"! 


However, I am still tormenting myself over our bad luck as team that had the first place practically guaranteed ( we were also 3rd in jumping run) if only I wasn't in such a hurry. That run with Ammy was really crazy - to put the fault beside, for me our best run in the championship. But it didn't end well. Of course, also others were lacking of a bit of more luck, maybe concentration, to be better or even the best. But it is how it is in sports.


Finally, thanks to the entire Slovenian national team, team leaders Manca andMirja, each and everyone who congratulated me. And big thanks to all who cheered for us back home and in the arena, you were all great support to me.

Today we mark exactly seven years since our Ammy was born. We had an enormous desire to have a dog, who would keep us company and become a member of our family. And right this breed, that is, right Ammy was the one to encourage us to want so much more, and not only a pet to accompany us on walks and snuggle with us on the couch.

From puppy training, dog training course and the exam B-BH*, all until first agility training and then competitions .... this is how our journey has started. Especially those, who knew us before we got her, can vividly remember how much we have changed! How much our way of life has turned from previously typical and average Slovenian family with children

Competitions and training courses were followed by the commence of our Kennel, and so Kira, Ais and now Mee came.... and each is very special, and much more than just a family dog to us.

So, dear Ammy, we are deeply grateful that you have shown us how special, wild, sometimes very independent Parson Russell Terriers are, and above all, it is a breed that thinks with its own head :)






::: Finally found the time for my report from EO in Belgium :)


This was an amazing event with some really great runs, and meeting so many old friends and making new friendships.


I am satisfied with myself, Ammy and Kira, even though it didn't work out in the finale as I have wished for. Ammy had five clean runs (out of six) an excellent agility run with the final 4. Place, and jumping with 10. Place (double qualifications :D).


Also Kira showed some great runs, but I believe the big crowd was too much for her crazy character and her poor hearing :)

Our small/medium team "Catch us if you can" with Daša Zakotnik(Katka), Polona Bonač(Šja), Silvija Trkman(Le) and me (Ammy) have achieved a fantastic result already in the qualifications, where we were on the 2nd Place, and then again 2nd in the finale :) Thank you, girls! :::





small/medium finale, "Catch us if you can", 2.mesto














Ammy, agility, 4th place



small/medium finals, "Catch us if you can", 2nd place



Kira, qualy groups small/medium 46./372.