Back home from sunny Spain to cold Slovenia. Our third AWC is over (yes, both of us with Ammy didn't start competing as youngsters on this biggest and most important agility competition :D) and we managed second time in a row on a totally small podium, first year was Kira the lucky one on the podium.
Ammy is my first agility dog and such a dog which doesn't like to train really. I think I need to spend 3 times more energy for motivating her before the training, than for actual training. But in competition (especially big way in a hall), she is a totally different dog. The bigger the crowd at the competition, more screaming, the more she is motivated and happy, and has this big smile on her face, which is the biggest reward for my work with her. I know some dogs are really scared, when it gets too loud, but we missed the screaming in the hall on first days. After our last run on Sunday she was totally screwed out. Uf, if we would then run another run…:D Despite the fact, that she will turn 10 in a few months, we will try to qualify for EO and AWC the next year, which will not be such an easy job with so many great small and medium dogs here in Slovenia (we have SM qualis together). 
And lastly, that I don't forget to mention Ammy Jr, who competed as a white dog on Saturday individual small jumping and reached clear 5th best time with not totally a fluid run, and she made me really proud. David, I know you and Ammy will one day make it to AWC and rock the place ;)

Special thanks to my Spanish friends for those wonderful few first days in Spain, to our team and teamleaders and to all those, who were cheering for us in the hall and back at home via livestreaming, to our sponsors Fitdog(Igor Slatinek) and Out-n-out. Last but not least, thanks to our daughter Kaja, who took care for our other tree dogs those 10 days, when we were gone (love you mouse ♥).















Agility seminar, Badalona-Barcelona